You may know exactly what the problem is but feel uncertain about how to address it, or you may have a vague, nagging feeling that something is not right in your life. Perhaps you are coming up against the same struggle over and over again but you feel unable to respond in a new way that might bring about a different outcome. You may have experienced a loss or transition and found your existing support networks inadequate for the task, or feel overcome by anger and sadness without a clear path forward. Perhaps you have lost the vitality and joy you used to experience in your relationships, family life, work, or play time, and would like to create more space for joy and meaning. You may feel perpetually on the fringes of your own life or plagued by feelings of envy, unworthiness, shame, self-doubt, or paralyzed by fear and apprehension. Perhaps you feel fed-up and ready to get free of some longstanding issues with your family-of-origin. These are all good reasons to enter therapy; it is a courageous and life-changing step.

Here is a partial list of concerns that we can work on together:

  • Overcoming depression, fears and anxiety
  • Healing from grief, loss and trauma
  • Healthy relationship with food, self-image and weight loss
  • Infertility, pregnancy loss, and transitioning to new parenthood
  • Parenting a child with chronic illness or other health/ability challenges
  • Career choice, decision-making, and life purpose, particularly the "quarter-life crisis"
  • Spiritual discovery, including reconciling the faith you were raised in with your current beliefs

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